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Trips to the dump ™ was founded with the idea of delivering a reasonably priced franchise opportunity to a select group of business partners. Other’s in the junk and debris removal business have built expensive and sophisticated franchise agreements that are, to put it politely, expensive. The fees are expensive, and the trucks are expensive. In the end, it’s all a bit unnecessary.

Trips to the dump ™ are goal purposed to offer a reliable and affordable service to both our customers and our franchisee’s. We can do this by standardizing our fleet to utilize standard and easy to drive ½ Ton, and ¾ Ton Pick Up trucks with 5 Ton Trailers which means that our driver’s don’t require specialized drivers licenses of over-priced service trucks. Second, we are specialists in Digital Marketing. Customer’s that are looking for junk or debris removal hit search engines and local sites. We can help you ‘dominate’ the search results in your local market – mainly because you will be local. We know what we are doing, and you will benefit.

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